Orson Welles: The One-Man Band


For all his brilliance, Orson Welles was consistently plagued by the inability to secure funding for his own projects, leading to decades› worth of films left unrealized or partially completed. Documentary filmmaker Vassili Silovic follows Croatian actress and screenwriter Oja Kodar, Welles› creative partner and lover during his later years, as she reconstructs Welles› notes and what little surviving footage remains from these abandoned projects from the 1960s to Welles› death in 1985.
RegieVassili Silovic
Oja Kodar
ProduktionBayerischer Rundfunk (BR)
Institut National de l’Audiovisuel (INA)
La Cinquieme Boa Filmproduction Ag Zurich = snakefilm
La Sept-Arte
Medias Res Filmproduktion
Méditerranée Film Production
CastOja Kodar
Ingrid Bergman
Tim Brooke-Taylor
KameraThomas Mauch
TonSimon Cloquet