The courageous young midwife Christine makes a pact with the devil to save her village from the brutal terror of the German Knights. As the villiage is ravaged by a spider plague, Christine turns from the saviour to the hunted, and the violence escalates. Christine faces the decisive battle against the devilish power that wants to take away her highest good, she’s willing to die for: humanity.

Cast: Lilith Stangenberg, Ronald Zehrfeld, Fabian Krüger, Josef Ostendorf, Ueli Jäggi, Marcus Signer, Andreas Matti, Nurit Hirschfeld, Marin Blülle, Marina Gera, Julia Jakubowska, Maria Dér, Philipp Droste, Andràs Sütö, Alexander von Glenck und Anatole Taubmann.

Writers: Plinio Bachmann & Barbara Sommer

Director: Markus Fischer

Producer: Judith Lichtneckert

In Coproduktion with Laokoon Film Budapest and Swiss Radio and Television SRF, SRG SSR, PAMY Mediaproductions, Teleclub AG.

Distributor CH: Ascot Elite Entertainment Group
World Sales: Arri Media GmbH